Episode 33

See Blue Always

Published on: 25th January, 2022

This week Laura, Kerry and Emilie are joined by Sanjay from Notepad Wisdom.

Sanjay has his own podcast covering topics such as mental health, mindset and refreshingly for us, empowering women!

We dive into how Notepad Wisdom started, what the inspiration behind it was and why Sanjay feels women's empowerment is important. We cover comfort zones (of course!), martial arts, raising children and manifesting. Give this episode a listen for some true positivity!

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@notepad_wisdom jalporte@hotmail.co.uk

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About the Podcast

What Comfort Zone?
Challenge yourself to exit the comfort zone
Emilie, Laura and Kerry challenge each other to push outside of their comfort zone.
Follow their weekly stories and listen to their progress for lots of laughs, some embarrassments and a few home truths.
Join our journey and start your own, whats the worst that can happen?

About your hosts

Laura Etherington

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Wife, sister, auntie, daughter, friend.... Laura is your ultimate girly girl. All indoor activities please... often found either in the BCHQ gym or the pub! Lancashire lass through and through, but married a Yorkshireman and lived in Scotland for 10 years! Home again, and learning how to manage her mental well-being by pushing comfort zones, with the help of Emilie and Kerry. Pop over to insta and say hello! @lauratravena

Emilie Hulme

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Emilie, Preston through & through. Only child, wife to be, wedding moved 3 times (fun!)
I am probably not the most girly girly in contrast to Laura! I love being outside & outdoors. The whole radio, podcast, anything entertainment based scares the living daylights out of me but here I am, doing all that shiz anyway & learning from it!

If anyone had to describe me I think they would say I’m quite calm, considerate and level headed with an adventurous streak.

I’m a time served engineer which not many women can say, it’s something I’m incredibly proud of!

‘I am lion’ - Hulme mantra 🦁